• ORL Products now available via CBD Emporium!

    We are proud to partner with CBD Emporium to feature our CBD Mouthwash, CBD Toothpaste and CBD Breath Sprays.
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  • ORL Announces New Breath Sprays

    ORL Labs (pronounced “O-R-L”), the innovative oral care company behind the perfect 7.0 pH movement, introduced its newest product line to the market today. The latest additions, Breath Sprays with and without CBD, offer the same natural and organic ingredients included in ORL’s flagship line of toothpastes and mouthwashes to create healthier smiles through nourishment and balance. ORL products can be found at and its CBD products are now available via

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  • As featured in March's Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine
  • Celiac Disease Impacts Oral Health Too

    Why ORL is Key in Your Gluten-Free Life Whether you’ve given up gluten because you’re one of the 300,000 Americans with celiac disease, suffer from...
  • Yes, You Can Brush Your Teeth Before OR After Coffee (Here’s How to Do it Safely)

    There are lots of myths and misconceptions about the best time to brush your teeth, especially as it relates to specific beverages, like coffee, te...