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  • The Quick Guide to Banishing Mask Breath

    Whether you’ve caught a whiff of something unpleasant in your mask or have recently heard about the mask breath phenomenon brought on by COVID-19 a...
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Vitamins and Minerals for Optimum Oral Health

      15 Vitamins & Minerals Essential for Optimum Oral Health Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs? Recent research shows that 90% of...
  • Why Use CBD Oil Toothpaste and Mouthwash: The Science Explained

    The country is experiencing a huge boom in CBD oil research and, not surprisingly, found the natural compound may offer more health benefits than anyone ever imagined. You’ve likely heard that CBD oil toothpaste and mouthwash can help eliminate gum disease and prevent cavities too. What started off as a bit of a fringe science is gaining major traction and now there are dozens of studies examining the mechanisms behind its ability to improve oral health. Research shows that it has antibacterial properties, reduces inflammation, aids in remineralization, can help fight cavities, and more. How exactly does it work though?
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  • ORL Announces New Breath Sprays

    ORL Labs (pronounced “O-R-L”), the innovative oral care company behind the perfect 7.0 pH movement, introduced its newest product line to the market today. The latest additions, Breath Sprays with and without CBD, offer the same natural and organic ingredients included in ORL’s flagship line of toothpastes and mouthwashes to create healthier smiles through nourishment and balance. ORL products can be found at and its CBD products are now available via

  • Newsweek Coverage - CBD Mouthwash Study Has Implications Far Beyond "Word of Mouth" Especially For Seniors

    Interesting feature posted by Newsweek on the benefits of CBD in Mouthwash
  • Interesting Take on CBD Mouthwash

    Perhaps CBD-Infused Mouthwash Works Better Than Regular Products, Industry Study Shows

  • 15 Must Have Vitamins & Minerals for Optimum Oral Care

    Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs? Recent research shows that 90% of Americans are missing out on key nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, that their bodies require for optimum health. This carries over to your oral health as well, meaning if you’re not getting adequate amounts of specific vitamins and minerals—often on a daily basis—you could be setting the stage for gum disease, cavities, and other oral health issues too.


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  • How ORL Can Be a Key Twice-Daily Ritual in a Gluten-Free Diet

      Over 300,000 people in America have celiac disease. For those affected, it only takes 50 milligrams of gluten to kick off a cacophony of issues. ...