3 Things You Need to Know About CBD Toothpaste

As CBD toothpaste becomes more popular, it is important to know the facts about what you are using. There are differences in the type and quality of CBD that is on the market. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, CBD toothpaste does have a variety of benefits for your teeth and gums.

If you are interested in trying out CBD toothpaste, following these three things will help you make an informed decision.

1) Quality of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

It is important to know that most high quality CBD toothpastes use full spectrum CBD oil that is organically grown in the USA. Full spectrum contains the benefits of utilizing all of the components of the hemp plant and its natural essential oil terpenes.

There are differences between the type of CBD that is available.  It is an educational process between full spectrum vs. broad spectrum vs. isolate CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD retains additional cannabinoids as well as flavonoids and terpenes. It includes healthy compounds, including antioxidants that are linked with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.

Researchers have found that full-spectrum CBD is more effective for pain than CBD isolate and that health benefits, in general, may be greater too. They refer to this as the “entourage effect,” attributing the increased effectiveness to the preservation of additional compounds.

The extraction process is much gentler to preserve all this goodness, however it’s also more expensive to process and produce.

Full-spectrum CBD can be extracted from both marijuana and hemp plants. When it’s extracted from a marijuana plant, the THC content can vary. When it’s extracted from a hemp plant, the THC content legally cannot exceed 0.3%. This is a federal mandate and products must be tested to prove they have concentrations below the threshold to ensure they don’t produce psychotropic effects.

It is important to check the certificate of analysis from an independent lab of the product that you are using. This will provide additional information to assure you on the quality of the CBD that is included.  The best practice includes utilizing a QR code on the products label that allows you to easily check on this information. Certificate of Analysis

2) Full Spectrum CBD Oil Helps Promote Your pH Balance

Full spectrum CBD supports a natural or perfect pH balance of 7.0 - this is a key factor in preventing cavities and plaque buildup around your teeth.

CBD is a cannabis compound that's extracted from hemp. It has a wide range of health benefits, but one of the lesser known ones is its ability to improve the pH balance in your mouth. Many foods that we consume including coffee, tea, sport nutrition drinks and even healthy foods such as blueberries, strawberries and other fruit are acidic and lowers your pH balance. Using CBD oral care that helps improve your pH balance can significantly improve your health, breath and naturally whiten. It may also reduce the likelihood of plaque, gingivitis and tartar from forming in your mouth.  More information here

3) Dynamic Duo of Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Organic Xylitol

Combining full spectrum CBD oil with the natural ingredients of organic xylitol which helps with gum irritation and can even reduce plaque buildup by 50%. Organic xylitol is a natural sweetener that eliminates the bad bacteria in your mouth (vs. sugar which allows the bad bacteria to colonize and multiply in your mouth and the creation of plaque build up).

Organic xylitol also kills bad bacteria and helps penetrate below the gum line.  Blended with full spectrum CBD oil, it may help with your absorption to improve your mouth's ecosystem to a healthier state.

Learn more about Xylitol in your oral care

Summary and Further Information

There is a difference in the quality and benefits of different CBD types. There are potential benefits of full spectrum CBD oil in your oral care. Check with your dentist to determine if CBD oil in your toothpaste and mouthwash can be helpful. If you have any questions feel free to also reach out to

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